BBC Feature Corbyn CPC 2018 Billboard_

I welcomed the Conservative Party to Birmingham for their 2018 conference with  6 x 3 meter hand painted billboard of Jeremy Corbyn enjoying a glass of red red wine on the steps of number 10. After it hit the BBC, it was promptly removed and covered with a plain white paste up, leading many to suggest it had been censored. It seems strange to me, and I love the idea that it triggered someone. Either way, mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned.

Void One UB4Corbyn billboard © 2018
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RXO Slug Wife // Kyrios Merch_

After more than a few headaches, preorder merchandise for Reso’s Kyrios E.P has all gone out, and I’d just like to express some thanks for everyone’s patience. If anything this project has confirmed a long held belief that often it’s best to do things yourself. Deciding to print the 5 colour mech design at GSHQ Printworks with Max after having to send the order back to the previous printer was absolutely the right thing to do, although very testing. It’s tough when you’re trying to achieve this level of quality, because a subcontracted printer just doesn’t care about, what are for me, very important fine details. There’s a lot I could say about this project, but ultimately the final product speaks for itself. There’s still a few RXO tees available, check the store for more info. Once they’re gone, they’re GONE! Check my store for more info.

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Check out the store page for the first releases in what will become a series of custom hand screened apparel, prints, stickers & more. The screen printing room in the studio is now fully operational and I’ll be steadily rolling out fresh designs over the coming weeks.

Void One Battling In Birmingham Edition Secret Walls 2018!

Void One is confirmed to participate in the Birmingham edition of Secret Walls 2018, set to battle the current UK illustration champion Si Mitchell in what is sure to be an explosive encounter on 30th June.

Secret Walls is teaming up with Dead Pixels and Digbeth Dining Club to bring a host of large scale street closures over the coming months. The series is already underway, with Roots being defeated 2-1 by Viktor Void in the first battle, despite winning the crowd vote by a sizable margin. The next round is due on May 26th, with my fellow DMC hombre Mose 78 taking on Doodles and Drips. The quality is high, and paint will spill. It’s not the winning, but taking someone apart that counts!


I’ve been working with the guys over at the graff shop in the Custard Factory for a good while on events like Breakmission x Just Jam and B-Side Hip Hop Festival. They’re now holding my mech T-shirt stock for anybody keen to have a look at the goods before they purchase, plus a studio original as part of their sweet little gallery.