Bio-Mechanoid Samurai, Graffiti & Irreverent Illustrations. Birmingham, UK.

Void; adjective – A completely empty space.

One; number – The state of being unified or whole.

Void One; oxymoron – The binary machine code at the core of the ‘Armourgeddon’ mech characters & ‘Tetsuo’ abstract graffiti concepts.



Opposing, binary, or oxymoronic terms that appear contradictory in conjunction are frequently present in Void One’s work, toying with concepts in the national vocabulary seen as hypocritical and worthy of ridicule. Most notable among these projects was ‘Operation Peace Take – Fighting For Peace’, a crowd funded protest against the prevailing militaristic paradigm of western democracy,  covertly placing a white poppy among the sea of red ceramic poppies at the tower poppy memorial in 2014.

More recently, against the backdrop of the brexit referendum in 2016, Void One unveiled his satire of the ‘Forward’ civic heraldry of his hometown Birmingham, hand painting a 16 piece poster, 6 metres by 3 metres, entitled ‘Backward – Birmingham Civic Irony’. Wheat pasted onto a billboard at the side of one of the main arteries into the heart of the city centre in Digbeth, ‘Backward’ presented a caricature that challenges the legitimacy of the Brummie stereotype.

In 2017 Void One continues to provoke as one of the founding instigators of The Distorted Minds Crew, painting at festivals and live art events up and down the U.K.


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