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I’d been asked to produce some cover art for a label I work with called Skanky Panky Records. The Ravers e.p. would feature a rave cyborg, and since their other releases featured a super colourful female protagonist, that would also be part of the brief. I came up with a piece called ‘Future Synth’, a play on the concept of synthesis in music, and her synthetic humanoid look.

It was January, and Posca UK were launching an artist of the year competition. Each month a prompt would be given for artists to use to produce a piece of work, where the best pieces were shortlisted by Posca, with a public vote to decide the winner.

The first prompt was ‘future’, and I was half way through the piece you can see to the left, so it kind of felt like fate and I entered the the competition.

After being shortlisted i took 26% of the votes, the January title, and am now through to the finals later in the year! Have to say a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, there were some great entries! It was completely unexpected though and really gave me a boost heading into the new year, but it didn’t end there…

I received a call from Brink Contemporary Arts about the possibility of painting this piece on a 49 metre square wall in the heart of Leamington as part of the local mural festival. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to scale up my work, so this was a no brainer, it would be my biggest piece. I’ve been playing a lot recently with cyborg characters and 3D used as tattoos, engines, extensions of hair or clothing, so planned to kind of freestyle some letters as part of her cybernetic body. I stretched her face to fill the wall a little bit and the positioning led to some happy accidents. I love the way the antennae sticks out of her head, and the beauty spot that was a massive 2″ thick metal bar i had to grind off the wall!

The Mural made the front page of the local newspaper and I felt pretty happy with how this story had already played out! I felt I’d nailed the painting and pushed way beyond anything I’d attempted to date. At this point I was tagged in a public vote for the best mural in the world for March 2021 by Street Art Cities.

I thought nothing of it at the time, pics get shared about a lot on the net and it was nice people were taking an interest, but with artists like Stom500, Dragon76 and Pichiavo in the line-up, I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park! I felt really humbled to be on a list with some of these people, my first wall at this scale no less. Then I found out I’d made a 25 strong shortlist…

Next came the call for the top 10… There was no way I’d have made it that far I told myself, and as the numbers were slowly posted out I became more sure of that fact, the quality of the work involved was truly world class, but I came 3rd! There’s a decent amount of people engaged in their site, so it felt like a fair enough sample of people to make it interesting. I’m not shy about my ambition to travel the world painting huge walls, so this felt like a great stepping stone towards that goal. Big love and a huge thank you to everyone who’s shared this Journey with me. I’ve poured everything into my work this last few years and it’s nice to get some recognition, but the real work is just beginning.

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