FIT FOR WORK // War Committee

People new to the concept should read THIS first_

It’s a critical time for the UK as we approach another general election. Direct action and grass roots community mobilisation will be key in securing a Labour majority and in delivering the transformative policies this country desperately needs. There are many fights to take to the tories, but this is personal, and I hope you’ll join me!

With that in mind, I’ve created some Fit For Work campaign artwork to be freely shared and disseminated. I will add to this collection over the coming weeks, so check back for regular updates! Send me your pictures to feature in a Fit For Work gallery. The best 10 will win a goody bag featuring prints, t-shirts, stickers and more!


* Hit major cities / in marginals / areas where the message will have maximum impact.

* Fit For Work campaign artwork is available to download and print for yourselves in A3 below by right clicking the images and saving them to your machine. Other scales will be available at the bottom of this page shortly. Videos for making wheat paste are available online. Think carefully about placement.

* Stickers can be produced if people want them. I’ll do them at cost but I’ll have to do it as a pre-order. Email to be added to the sticker pool. Minimum spend is £10 + P&P. Act fast to avoid disappointment!

* I’ll be looking to hit a couple of billboards personally. The artwork will be available for this upon request, but this needs a little thought if you want to have a go.

* Laser cut acetates with the artwork cut out for pressure washing into the dirt around landmarks etc. I find this poetic. These could double up as stencils for people if they were so inclined. This is experimental for now. Results to follow.

* I’ve hit the DWP’s head office, and ‘a string of job centres’ around the city. Now, I just want to get the slogan in peoples faces. In groups of 2 or more, one lies on the floor like a murder victim, the other paints a white outline around them. Fit for work in red with a trail of blood from a lost limb. Messier the better! I’m advising water based paint, or chalk, but this is your thing too. Own it …

* Finally, T-shirts are still available through our partners at The Hemp Trading Company in support of the Raise The Ruth campaign. Click the image below for more info: