Another project that took on a life of it’s own! Initially a cover art sketch for subversive electronic imprint Wonk#ay Records’ ‘Disconncet E.P’. I think I’m quoted as saying something like ‘It’s the best album your ears will ever regret listening to’, or something to that effect, but I’ll post the links and you can work it out for yourselves.

I was given the concept of splicing up a face, the name ‘Disconnect’, and told it had to have some kind of border to frame the piece and to tie in with past releases.

I originally thought I’d try an up light as an effect on her face but I really liked how clean the grey looked with the one colour behind, so ran with it. I took to Photoshop to clean up the image a bit, then Aytch from the label added the text and some details in the background. The album is really impressive in it’s entirety and was a pleasure to work on this. I hope I captured the dystopian feel of the album! There’s a link to the soundcloud mix below, or else listen on Bandcamp here_

I’ve mentioned before about my work with Ghetto Golf across the UK, and an opportunity to paint a large piece under the arches at the Custard Factory Birmingham came up as part of a pop up bar they’ve launched called Big Fang. I initially expected to be working from a scaff tower, but was gifted a scissor lift so we could fill up the whole place with graff, Ghetto style and give it that post apocalyptic vibe.

Sticking to my formula I’d just change the lighting and actually do the up light I mentioned earlier, adding some 3D letters and trying to use part of the illusion as part of the piece. I’m really happy with how this came out. Painting 8 to 10 foot high walls can be really limiting for the kind of work I want to produce, so I’m on a mission to hit some big pieces this year. Will leave you with some process shots, but thanks for looking!

Void One_